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IIT Madras Alumni Charitable Trust

The IIT Madras Alumni Charitable trust was established by deed of declaration of trust on 23rd January 1993.

Purpose and Objects

The trust constituted has the following objects and purposes:

  • To provide scholarships either in cash or by creating libraries or by donating books to the students who are in pursuit of knowledge either in the field of accountancy or in any other field
  • To establish, maintain and assist educational institutions
  • To establish, maintain and assist hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic clinics and laboratories, institutes of nature cure and the like, devoted to offering medical care and attention
  • To provide relief to poor for the purpose of upliftment of life standard, to provide and support their education and to lead distinctly good and spiritually wholesome life
  • Promotion of all kinds of activities leading to physical and mental fitness through practices of arts and education or any other field

List of Trustees

IIT Madras Alumni Charitable Trust was formed in the year 1993 through a deed of declaration of trust and the following were the first trustees:

Prof. N V C Swamy Director, IIT Madras
Prof. C R Muthukrishnan Professor, Computer Sc. & Engg. Department, IIT Madras
Prof. M A Parameswaran Professor, Mechanical Engg. Department, IIT Madras
Mr. D Chandrasekhar Alumnus, IIT Madras
Mr. V Varadarajan Alumnus, IIT Madras
Mr. N Ramakrishnan Alumnus, IIT Madras
Mr. R Kannan Finance Section, IIT Madras
Mr. R N Sankaran Finance Section, IIT Madras

Current Trustees

Mr. S Gopalakrishnan, Alumnus, Executive Vice-Chairman, Infosys Technologies Ltd Chairman
Mr. D Chandrasekhar, Alumnus, MD – MBI Metalloys Pvt Ltd Secretary
Mr. N Ramakrishnan, Alumnus, Vice President – Essentia Softsolutions Pvt Ltd Member
Mr. K K Raman, Alumnus Member
Prof. R. David Koilpillai, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras Member
Prof. V G Idichandy, Dept. of Ocean Engineering, IIT Madras Member
Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director, IIT Madras Member
Prof. R Nagarajan, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, IIT Madras Member
Mr. Raju Venkataraman, Alumnus, MD & CEO, MEDall Medical Services Member
Mr. Gautham, Alumnus, Partner – Curzon & Company Member
Prof. Preeti Agalyam, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, IIT Madras Member
Ms. Subha Kumar, President, IIT Madras Alumni Association Member
Prof. M.S.Sivakumar, Dean, Students, IIT Madras Member
Prof. Mahesh Panchagnula, Dean, International and Alumni Relations, IIT Madras Member
Ms. N Alamelu, Alumna, Sole Proprietor at Ansi Techniques Member
Dr. Rajan Srikanth, Alumnus, CMD at SmartKapital Member
Mr. Venkat Viswanathan, Alumnus, Chairman at LatentView Member

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