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Nominate Now for IITM Distinguished Alum 2019 Awards!

Dear Alumnus/ Alumna, 

Nominations are now being accepted for 2019 Distinguished Alumnus Awards. The last date for nominations is October 15. 

Details regarding previous awardees may be found at: 

Submit your Online Nomination at: 

Nominations may be submitted in the following categories: (one or more) 

A: academic achievements and honors, intellectual contributions to the field of expertise, pioneering work, journal papers & citation indices, conference papers, books and book chapters, number of Ph.D. scholars guided, visiting professorships, lectureships, fellowships in professional associations, student mentoring & welfare activities, peer testimonials, awards & recognition 

B: innovations in application of technology, design & development achievements, awards & recognition (external & internal), technical leadership activities & positions, fellowships in professional organizations, patents & publications, industry standards activities, collaborations with academia, community service 

C: exceptional management skills, leadership position with company, awards & recognition, Board memberships, Fellowships, testimonials, global stature, collaborations with academia, community service, team leadership in setting up new enterprises, mentoring track-record 

D: significant entrepreneurial skills & accomplishments, creation of support structure for entrepreneurs, success of start-ups in establishing market presence, scale of operation & reach to society, awards & recognition, coaching & advisory activities 

E: significant accomplishments in various areas—service to society, service to the Institute, service to alumni, excellence in public administration, notable achievements in media & fine arts, leadership and innovation, scale of impact. 

Please specify the category(ies) for which you are nominating the alumnus. 

Please include a CV, one page writeup detailing contributions that merit this award, photograph and supporting documents of the alumnus you are nominating for DAA. 

Self-nominations are not allowed. 

Alumni who have served / are currently serving as IITM faculty are not eligible for nomination.​ 

Thank you. 

With regards….

Dean IAR